Flavorwire did a nice piece this week on the myriad book jackets created for Tolkien’s works.  Above is the original 1937 dust jacket designed by the author.  Translated into over 40 languages, published hundreds of times, the art and print work are astounding.  The Gallery of Tolkien Book Covers is extensive. If you search Amazon for The Hobbit over 2100 items appear. Everything from the standard text to dramatizations, a parody called The Wobbit, an annotated edition, teachers guide, graphic novel, pop-up version, and a work titled Finding God in the Hobbit.

Director Peter Jackson has given us the definitive visual representation of the Lord of the Rings and now he is bringing his genius to The Hobbit.  The story will be told in two movies and according to the trailer below we have to wait until December 2012 for the first installment.