Guy Laramee, Book Sculptor Tuesday, Dec 27 2011 

Another wonderful book artist, Guy Laramee focuses on landscapes. Carving a hole in the top of this one to allow filtered light in is brilliant. For more pics of his work check this Colossal Art & Design post or this at the Huffington Post.

I wonder if the Athenaeum could afford one of his works. We could supply him with the raw material if he’d consider it.

Thanks John


The Cultural Landscape Foundation Monday, May 2 2011 

Spring is the perfect time to bring this wonderful resource to your attention. The Cultural Landscape Foundation website is a repository of one thousand sites of exquisite landscape architecture; the above photo is taken from the 1000th location, the Lily Pool in Chicago Illinois. The database is called What’s Out There and it is searchable by name, style, or type of landscape.

But that is just one aspect of this incredibly rich website.  The Oral History Project captures some of the pioneers of landscape architecture, such as this woman, Cornelia Hahn Oberlander, preeminent Canadian landscape architect for over 60 years.

  The video vignettes are topical, relatively short, and foster historical research in a different way. Currently there are 7 individuals being profiled but the project is ongoing.

The website  also includes interactive teaching modules, research queries, and online exhibits. Bravo TCLF!

Thanks to the Morgan Library via Twitter


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