Su Blackwell, Book Sculptor Extraordinaire Wednesday, Feb 27 2013 

Ravenous has found another wonderful book artist from the UK, Su Blackwell.  Here is a sample of her work:



In her profile she discusses her process:

I always read the book first, at least once or twice, and then I begin to create the work, cutting out, adding details. The detail is what brings it all together, the magic element.

To view more of Su’s sculptures go to her portfolio.

The Providence Athenaeum has a budding paper sculptor, Robin Wetherill, Circulation and Development Assistant. A sample of her work:


Creative and clever, what a great combination.

Guy Laramee, Book Sculptor Tuesday, Dec 27 2011 

Another wonderful book artist, Guy Laramee focuses on landscapes. Carving a hole in the top of this one to allow filtered light in is brilliant. For more pics of his work check this Colossal Art & Design post or this at the Huffington Post.

I wonder if the Athenaeum could afford one of his works. We could supply him with the raw material if he’d consider it.

Thanks John


Paper Sculptor, Redux Sunday, Dec 11 2011 

Remember the paper sculptures left in Edinburgh libraries? Well according to NPR the artist has completed their work. Anonymity, sought and maintained throughout the months since the first sculpture appeared at the Scottish Poetry Library back in March 2011, is still intact although we have learned their gender. She. She is a sensitive, talented artist and storyteller, who loves libraries. Here is the last of the series of ten sculptures:

Any library in the world would be thrilled to have her creations. If you are ever in Providence…

Paper Sculptures Tuesday, Sep 13 2011 

Book arts are a favorite of Ravenous and recently we’ve seen two spectacular examples of book inspired paper arts. The first is by Anonymous, an artist who creates fanciful pieces in support of libraries, and leaves them around Edinburgh Scotland with notes. This was left at the National Library of Scotland:

A gramophone and a coffin, sculpted from a copy of Ian Rankin's Exit Music. The tag in this case read: For @natlibscot - A gift in support of libraries, books, words, ideas..... (& against their exit) Courtesy: Central Stn

Appeared at the Edinburgh Book Festival

For many more beautiful sculptures go to Central Stn.

The second artist is also from Great Britain, Jennifer Collier. She takes paper, turns it into fabric, then sews it into amazing pieces.  She writes of her work:

The papers themselves serve as both the inspiration and the media for my work, with the narrative of the books and papers suggesting the forms.

Little women shoes

Alice in Wonderland gloves

She creates a variety of objects that you can view at her website.

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